The Family

The Lorenzetti Family embark on an exciting journey

Château Pédesclaux is, first and foremost, an adventure : one that involves not just the family but the rest of humanity, one that will be written about in the history books and that has already gained the respect of the men and women who work so hard every day to increase the estate’s renown.

Jacky, Françoise and Manon Lorenzetti work together, as a family, and the atmosphere they have created on their estate is both rigorous and convivial. They cultivate the love of work done well, making clear their respect for the land in their care and for the men who work it. Their values are clear, and are shared by everyone who works there. There is an ethical framework and a devotion to excellence and continuity at the heart of this family collaboration that are, without a doubt, key contributors to the wines’ growing reputation. 


Making a dream reality, over the long term

Jacky trained at the hospitality school in Lausanne, where he first discovered oenology, and is mad about the great wines of Médoc; Françoise was born in the Gironde, where her grandparents were vine-growers. For Jacky and Françoise Lorenzetti, the great wine project was all mapped out. And now Manon Lorenzetti, who is driven by the same passion as her parents and who has, thanks to her mother, grown up with wine production as a way of life, has joined the family enterprise. Her ambitions are focused on working the land in ways that respect both the people and the environment. 

Françoise, Jacky et Manon Lorenzetti
The Family - Chateau Pedesclaux


With the support of Emmanuel Cruse and Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen, the Lorenzetti family have fully committed to continuing to justify their wine’s growing reputation for excellence – and to reaffirming its style.

The Family - Chateau Pedesclaux
Françoise, Jacky, Manon Lorenzetti, Emmanuel Cruse and Vincent Bache Gabrielsen

The Pédesclaux Family

Château Pédesclaux grows quietly in stature, grounded by the unshakeable values of the men and women who are dedicated to perpetuating the ambition and the skills that the Lorenzetti family hold so dear.


We are dedicated to exemplary, transparent behaviour, whether at the environmental or the human level. We believe that winemakers who behave honourably bring something extra – sensitivity, emotion – to the wine.


The whole team works every day to achieve ever greater levels of excellence. We value knowledge, precision in every intervention, and the love of taste.


Passing on this great inheritance is both a privilege and a duty. It is about working to maintain the levels of excellence, all the while respecting both principles and people.

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