The Environment

Respecting nature, respecting the environment

Only exceptional terroir, nurtured with complete dedication, can create great wines. The reinvigoration of Château Pédesclaux is due in large part to the teams’ understanding of the remarkable terroir under their care.

At Pédesclaux, the vineyards are farmed organically or, in the case of certain plots, biodynamically. Since the Lorenzetti family acquired the estate in 2009, respect for the land and for the environment have been at the heart of their approach to viticulture. Once they had restructured the vineyards and acquired several high-quality plots, they introduced exacting and sustainable farming methods to improve the land. By acting as responsible, environmentally aware citizens and by exerting ceaseless effort to improve the flavour of the wines, the Lorenzetti family have been able to highlight the unique character of the Pauillac terroir.


Organic viticulture

Since 2012, the estate has been experimenting with organic and biodynamic viticulture. So it was a natural progression, in 2019, to begin the process that would lead to AB (Organic Agriculture) certification of the wines. This label offers a guarantee that the certified winemakers respect soil quality, biodiversity, water, air, human beings and the final product. 

The Environment - Chateau Pedesclaux
The Environment - Chateau Pedesclaux


The terroirs’ bounty

The Pédesclaux vines are rooted in a geological masterwork that has existed for 40 million years. This unique vineyard, almost 50 hectares in size, is located right at the heart of Pauillac’s superb terroir. The soils are deep gravel, blended with clay and limestone in certain places. Once the important work of restructuring the vineyard was finished, the proportions of the different grape varieties were recalibrated so that today, the vines are 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc and 4% Petit Verdot.

Terroir - Château Pédesclaux
The Environment - Chateau Pedesclaux

Exceptional terroir

Château Pédesclaux consists of 50 hectares of vineyards located right at the heart of Pauillac’s superb terroir. The soils are deep gravel, blended with clay and limestone in certain places.

At Pédesclaux, the vineyard teams work to the rhythm of the seasons, their traditional methods punctuated by occasional innovations. During the year, each of the 350,000 vines receives over 40 extremely meticulous interventions aimed at ensuring that the resulting wine will be a great one; from pruning, via pricking out, levage (lifting the foliage onto the wires), selective leaf-thinning, green harvesting where and when required, to testing the maturity levels of the grapes… the Pédesclaux winemakers never cover less than seven kilometres a day, on average – which is to say, 1400 kilometres a year. The estate is entirely committed to sustainable viticulture that respects the environment and plays the long game, nurturing the microbial life of the soils and giving special consideration to mycorrhization. This way of working is made even more successful by plot rotation, where each patch of soil spends time under grass, and by the use of compost or even green manure. Massal selection helps to preserve the genetic diversity of the vineyards, as well as protecting their unique character.

The Environment - Chateau Pedesclaux
Sélection massale Pédesclaux Petit Verdot