Château Pédesclaux

 is an estate fully committed to organic agriculture, under the leadership of a family dedicated to the pursuit of excellence

The story of a revelation

Now two hundred years old and under the direction of the Lorenzetti family, Château Pédesclaux continues a spectacular metamorphosis, guided by organic principles. 

Since 2009, the people shaping Château Pédesclaux’s regeneration have made a series of crucial decisions in both the vineyard and in the winery. The vineyards have been restructured and important new plots acquired, and the land is now worked using environmentally friendly methods that achieve the official stamp of organic certification. This comprehensive evolution is visible in the unique architecture of both the Château and the winery, which is 100% gravity-fed: a stunning technological accomplishment carefully designed to allow the fullest possible expression of the Pédesclaux terroir. Because Jacky, Françoise et Manon Lorenzetti’s sole aim is precisely that: to create the best possible wine. The technical teams share their employers’ values and their determination to make the wine with ever more precision and exactitude: they are all united in their ceaseless preoccupation with excellence.

The Wines

A great Pauillac is not necessarily austere in its early youth. This is demonstrably true at Pédesclaux, where the style, both charming and multi-layered, is instantly seductive.

The four seasons of Château Pédesclaux

Every season is different, with its individual challenges. It is nature that guides our human efforts – and nature that creates a unique vintage, every year without fail.

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