Château Pédesclaux 2021 is now available En Primeur

News | 3 June 2022

Château Pédesclaux 2021


A tailor-made approach

The 2021 vintage began with a mild and rainy winter. Spring and summer followed with the same dynamic, leading to a normal to late veraison. The 2021 campaign proved to be highly demanding for our estate, which has been converting to organic farming since the 2019 vintage. The year was marked by exceptional mildew pressure, higher than 2018 and 2020, yet the vineyard became a benchmark in this matter.

Faced with this threat, the management of our organic vineyard demanded constant vigilance and responsiveness from our entire winemaking team. The regular application of herbal teas, grassing in order to maintain the microporosity of the soil and preserve the vines’ fruit bearing capacity, adaptation of size for improved spreading of vegetation and better ventilation, are the many precise and rigorous gestures which made a remarkable difference to the preservation and excellence of this vintage.

The proximity of our vineyard to the Gironde estuary and the high position of the gravelly hilltop of Pauillac, also helped as a protective shield against the periods of intense frost that affected the region in the spring of 2021.

Precision & thoroughness

The climatic conditions at the end of the season were life-saving: sunny days without excessive temperatures (around 25°C) alternating with cool nights (around 12°C) favored perfectly for the ripening of the berries.

In addition, the water stress at the end of the season was beneficial for the ripening of the seeds and the tannic development before the harvest. Optimal end-of-maturation conditions smoothed out the heterogeneities of phenolic maturities, thus limiting disparities within the vineyard. These ideal pre-harvest conditions, complimented by our tailor-made approach, made it possible to harvest high quality berries at the right time.

A natural elegance

The most confidential production since 2009 and with an assemblage similar to 2018, Château Pédesclaux 2021 is considered very close to classic vintages and has great potential for storing. It is characterized by a deep and dynamic nose, with notes of small black fruits and spices. The mouth, deliciously juicy, is led by an incredible tension on the palate. Its supple, textured tannins and its sapid finish allow Château Pédesclaux to assert its unique identity.

Based on its high proportion of Petit Verdot, Fleur de Pédesclaux 2021 reveals an intoxicating nose, and evoking fresh notes of currants and lilies. The mouth, ample and fine, is distinguished by its freshness and abundance. The finish, dense with vanilla aromas, reveals bread-like notes expressing its impressive balance.



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Château Pédesclaux 2021 is now available En Primeur - Chateau Pedesclaux